Stands & Supports

BRESSER BR-TL15 Camera Flash Bracket with S-Bayonet Accessory Adapter


Bresser BR-20 Gooseneck 50cm With Clamps on Both Ends


Bresser BR-31 Flash E-Bracket with Tilt Head


Bresser BR-BLS210 Boom Light Stand with Arm


Bresser BR-TP300R Light Stand 300cm


Bresser BR-TP400R Light stand 400CM


Bresser D-36 Photo Studio Telescopic Background Support System 300cm


Bresser D-38 Background Support System 640cm Wide


Bresser D-74 Boom Arm 63cm - 156cm


Bresser D-76 Boom Arm with Friction Clamp and Sandbag Counterweight


Bresser H-JM-35 Magic Arm 28cm


Bresser H-JM-37 Friction Articulating Magic Arm 18.5cm