We carry a large range of Softboxes for modifying your light.

Bresser SS-10 Screen Octagonal Softbox 95cm


Bresser SS-10 Screen Softbox 60x90cm


Bresser SS-14 Camera Studio Flash Softbox 60x60cm


Bresser SS-16 Softbox 50x70cm + 1 x 85W


Bresser SS-16 Softbox 60X90cm + 1 X 85W


Bresser SS-19 Softbox 50x70cm For 4 Spiral Lamps


Bresser SS-19 Softbox 60x90cm For 4 Spiral Lamps


Bresser SS-20 Quick-Fit Softbox 60x60cm + Grid


Bresser SS-20 Quick-Fit Softbox 80x80cm + Grid


Bresser SS-28 Dual Purpose Softbox 70x70cm


Bresser SS-7 Octabox High Grade 150cm With Grid


Bresser SS-7 Octobox High Grade 120cm With Grid