We carry a large range of Softboxes for modifying your light.

Dorr 50 x 70cm Rectangular Softbox


Dorr Elinchrom Speedring Adapter 372929


Dorr QFBD-70 Quick-Fit Beauty Dish for DE / DPS


Dorr SLBL Softbox 45x45cm


Dorr SLBL Softbox 50x70cm


Dorr SLBL Softbox 60x60cm


Dorr SLBL Softbox 60x90cm


Dorr SR-41T Soft Reflector Beauty Dish 372800


Dorr Softbox for FX-3040 DL & BC


Dorr Softbox for FX-4555 DL & BC


Dorr Studio 75x150cm Softbox


Dorr Studio Light Stand and Pole Bag