Lighting Reflectors from Westcott, Walimex, and many more.  These are available in various colours and sizes.

Bresser M-07 Honeycomb Grid for 18.5 cm Reflector


Bresser M-07 Medium Reflector 18.5 cm


Bresser M-08E Honeycomb Grid 17.5cm


Bresser M-11 Honeycomb Grid for 14 cm Reflector


Bresser M-11 Wide Reflector 15 cm


Bresser M-12 Background Reflector 17 cm


Bresser M-13 Honeycomb Grid for Beauty Dish 16cm (6.3")


Bresser M-17 Honeycomb Grid For Beauty Dish 56cm (22 Inches)


Bresser M-17E Honeycomb Grid for 56 cm Beauty Dish


Bresser M-17E Ultra Beauty Dish 56cm Elinchrom


Bresser M-18 Honeycomb for Beauty Dish 70 cm (28 Inches)


Bresser M-18 Super Beauty Dish 70.5 cm