Continuous Lighting.

Continuous Lighting is lighting that stays on permanently so the light source stays constant all the time.

Dorr DL-400 LED Continuous Lighting Kit 8 x 10 Watt LED Bulbs


Dorr DLP-820 LED Continuous Lighting Kit


Dorr Digital Continuous 5500K 4x24W Lighting Kit


Dorr H75 Repro Stand Lighting Kit


Konig Maxi Photo Studio with Camera Stand & Bag KN-STUDIO12NUK


Westcott 2 Light uLite Softbox Kit 404AG


Westcott 2 Light uLite Umbrella Kit 406AG


Westcott 3 Light uLite Softbox Kit 403A


Westcott D5 2 Light Video Blog Lighting Kit with X-Drop 484


Westcott D5 2-Light Daylight Octabox Kit 482


Westcott D5 2-Light Daylight Softbox Kit 481


Westcott D5 3-Light Daylight Softbox Kit 483