Baader VIP Modular 2x Barlow lens 2406101

Code: 2406101

Baader VIP Modular 2x Barlow lens 2406101

Modular Barlow with 1¼" and 2" barrel

High quality optics with apochromatic characteristics, for magnifications of 2x and above

  • Optical design by Dr. Pudenz, who has also designed the Zeiss Abbe eyepieces
  • Modified by Roland Christen for US-American glasses
  • modular construction for visual and photographc (VIP) use
  • Fits into 1¼" and 2" focusers
  • Designed for 35mm-film (ideal for full-frame-DSLRs with 24x36mm-sensors)
  • Higher magnifications can be achieved easily by adding additional T-2 extension tubes
  • Focal length of barlow element: -65,5mm

The housing contains the following parts from the T-2™-System: #15/#29/#25a/#25a/#14

Attention: This is a 2x barlow lens. It has nothing to do the 2.6x glass-path-corrector lens that we offer exclusively for binocular viewers

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VIP Modular 2x Barlow lens

The Baader Planetarium VIP Modular Barlow is a complete high quality 2X photo-visual barlow system.  The VIP (VIsual and Photographic) barlow is ingeniously designed for functionality and flexibility.  It  consists of several modular component parts, which enable you to configure the barlow for multiple visual and imaging uses. 

Designed to accept 31.7mm eyepieces and fit 31.7mm focusers, it also incorporates a 50.8mm section for use in 50.8mm focusers.  The precision apochromatic style lenses are extremely highly polished and fully multi-coated utilising the finest 7 layer multi-coatings on all surfaces (light loss is less than 0.2%). The barlow has a clear aperture of 24mm minimising vignetting and producing sharp and high quality images suited for high power use as well as CCD imaging.


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