Baader LRGBC CCD Filterset 36mm 2459425

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Baader LRGBC CCD Filterset 36mm 2459425

Baader L-RGB CCD filterset 36 x 2 mm (unmounted, polished, round, flat-optically).

A new line of Baader LRGBC filters now supplements the Baader narrowband emission line filters (H-beta/O III/H-alpha/S II)

With this addition, Baader offers the complete line of LRGBC (plus the emission line filters H-alpha / S II /O III and H-beta, all sold separately) in unmatched quality grade, all being parfocal and made of precision optically polished glass.

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Baader LRGBC-filters are available in the following sizes:

- 1 1/4"(w.cell mount)
- 2"(w.cell mount)
- 31mm Diam (unmounted)
- 50.8 mm Diam.(unmounted)
- 50x50 mm Square (ummounted)
- 36 mm Diam.(unmounted)
- 65x65 mm Square (ummounted)

Mounted filters feature a glass thickness of 2mm, unmounted filters feature a thickness of 3 mm. (Only Ø 36mm and Ø 31mm unmounted features a glass thickness of 2mm too)

True Optical Quality:  Baader glass substrates are of true optical quality.  Most other filters are merely made from raw flame-polished, "optically flat", or sometimes use a top quality commercially polished filter glass which is fine for camera filters, but can result in wavefront deformations that damage image sharpness and contrast when used with telescopes.  Baader Planetarium filters are made from striae-free substrates, and actually fineoptically polished flat to within 1/4 wave accuracy over the entire surface, plane parallel to within 30 seconds of arc! 

This high quality four (4) set of filters from Baader are for astroimaging purposes.

Mechanical Properties

  • Parfocal and plane polished substrates. Each individual filter is optically fine-polished to 1/4 wave.
  • Baader LRGB filters are hard coated individually.
  • Baader filters especially are not cut out of large size plate-glass, which is a typical manufacturing process for economy filters (cut-out filters exhibit micro-cracks around all edges. Capillary action between glass and coating layers will lead to premature ageing due to moisture deposition).
  • All Baader filters have individual coating sealed edges, impermeable against ageing because the the penetration of moisture impossible.
  • Baader filters are being tested repeatedly to comply with MIL-specifications. One common process is to boil the test specimen for one hour in salt water. Baader filters remained completely intact as opposed to filters drilled out of large glass plates.
  • All Baader filters sport scratch resistant hard coatings which can be cleaned repeatedly throughout their entire lifetime as many times as needed - preferably with Baader Optical Wonder cleaning fluid.

Optical Properties

  • No reflections when compared to competing RGB-filter recipes.
  • Balanced RGB-design offer 1:1:1 exposure times for most telescope optical systems - an important benefit when imaging in automated mode.
  • Maximised colour contrast for each of the three RGB channels - achieved through steep slopes at all transmission curves combined with science approved placement of spectral window.
  • O III emission line double-weighted in the B and G channel as well, with maximum peak transmission for unparalleled deep sky S/N yield
  • R-Filter provides maximum transmission of H-alpha and S II emission but at the same time completely blocks all NIR and IR from 680 out to 1200 nm
  • Blocking of Mercury and Sodium vapour lamps at 580 nm in the G and R filters blackens the sky background and maximises colour balance and colour separatio


MANUFACTURERBaader Planetarium
TRANSMISSION RANGEmultiple bands (see spectral image)
AR-COATINGdielectrically coated, planeoptically polished
FILTER USAGECCD, Contrast Enhancement, Light Pollution Reduction, Luminance, RGB
FILTER MOUNTEDMounted (LPFC 6mm) and Unmounted
FILTER SHAPEround and square

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