Baader Fringe-Killer Color Correction filter 31.7mm 2458370

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Baader Fringe-Killer Color Correction filter 31.7mm 2458370

  • The color fringe killer blocks unfocused light in the blue spectral range as well as in the red part of the spectrum (IR) above 700nm
  • Delicate details on moon craters and planet surfaces are so much more visible!
  • Planoptically polished; can be used as a single filter in front of a binocular or for afocal projection with digital cameras (far before the focus!) without any loss of sharpness,
  • Provides the brightest picture of all industrially manufactured color correction systems. This makes the Fringe Killer a MUST even for the smallest lens telescopes.

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1¼ "and 2" Baader Fringe-Killer color correction filters


The fringe killer (fringe = color fringe) blocks unfocused light in the red part of the spectrum (IR) 100% - but above all it suppresses more than 50% of the annoying false light in the blue spectral range - but without changing the color impression of the image without permission!

The most delicate details on lunar craters and planet surfaces become much more visible.

The Baader Fringe-Killer color correction filter prevents unwanted color fringing both in the blue spectral range and in the NIR above 700 nm. The visual effect initially corresponds to a minus violet filter, but in contrast to this, the image color remains largely balanced. In itself a contradiction in terms and can only be implemented through the massive use of modern DWDM plasma-supported coating technology, which allows around 100 individual layers to be applied perfectly and reproducibly on a plan-optically ground surface. and that without impairing the optical quality. This fine-optical precision tool also allows inexpensive China refractors to achieve the promised imaging performance. The reduction of the color error corresponds to the effect of color correction lens systems,

The Baader Fringe-Killer color correction filter at a glance:

  • is a very valuable tool due to its construction, both visually and photographically
  • eliminates violet color fringes and also red color borders over 700 nm
  • forms a plateau in the range between 450 and 480 nm at around 50% transmission rate ?? In terms of coating technology, this is more difficult to produce than even the narrowest-band fog filter
  • achieves the highest transmission in the transmission range of all color edging correctors available to date, whether filters or correction lenses. All relevant deep sky wavelengths from 486 to 656 nm are completely transmitted. That brings enough visual light ?? also for high magnifications
  • Above 656 nm (H-alpha), at 660 nm, a very steep transmission edge begins, so that the NIR block area is already 50% at 670 nm and goes to zero at 690 nm and is fully blocked up to 1150 nm. This also makes planetary details much sharper when using CCD / CMOS cameras.f-killer-vergleich-sirius.jpg

Example of Sirius with and without Fringe Killer

  • Provides the brightest picture of all industrially manufactured color correction systems. This makes the fringe killer a MUST even for the smallest lens telescopes.
  • Breaks the intensity of the disturbing blue-violet color fringes in a new form that has never been implemented with an astronomical filter
  • Even weak color shades remain clearly recognizable when observing the planets thanks to the excellent color balance.
  • in conjunction with an RG-610 red filter, a narrow-band Ha pass filter results with a window only 70 nm wide and 95% transmission ?? at an incredibly affordable price
  • The combination with the neodymium skyglow filter (with phantom group coating) results in a balanced, breathtakingly high-contrast image for observing the finest moon and planet details
  • Planoptical polish ?? that means perfect image sharpness, even if the filter is mounted well in front of the focal point (binocular or digital camera insert)
  • no filter-related deterioration of the image sharpness at high magnifications, as is the case with simple ?? flame-polished ?? (raw polished) glass panes occur, which are mostly used in filter manufacture
  • High quality coating: plasma-based dielectric coating ?? hard, scratch and water resistant. Around 50 individual layers on each side, carefully arranged so as not to impair the high optical quality of the carrier surface
  • Improves the color error of an inexpensive f / 8 refractor to the imaging quality of a classic f / 15 Fraunhofer refractor.fringe-killer-application.jpg

The clearly visible color correction of the Baader Fringe Killer

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