Baader 2 90 Erecting Amici Prism Clicklock Diagonal 2456120

Code: 2456120

Baader 2 90 Erecting Amici Prism Clicklock Diagonal 2456120

This prism is superior to any other erecting prism - according to Baader Planetarium.

Baader has made a small amount of bodies especially for this high-quality prism. Not only optical, but also mechanical, this prism is the best money can buy.

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Description of the supplier:

Worldwide, this is the only erecting prism for astronomical observations at highest magnifications. This prism is silver-coated and permanently protected against ageing and always clean at the reflecting surface. Other roof prisms get dirty at the roof edge.

This Baader 2" 90° Amici prism is far superior to every other erecting prism in brilliance and magnification capability. However, thus it is a luxury product for very experienced observers.

The ClickLock clamp

Here, the eyepiece side 2" accessories are clamped over the whole area. In opposite to locking screws, the eyepiece or adapter is centered exactly on the optical axis and not pressed against the opposite surface.

According to Baader, this is the only erecting prism in the world which is suitable for astronomical obeservations with highest magnificationn.

♦ New - with the 2" ClickLock clamp - reliable clamping exactly on the optical axis

♦ astro quality - manufatured to Zeiss standard

♦ silver coated far maximal reflection and long-lasting protection against ageing

♦ According to Baader, this 2" 90° Amici prism is superior to any other erecting prism in terms of brilliance and magnification capability

Exclusively available on Baader Sitall Ceramic Mirrors and on selected Baader prism Star Diagonals: BBHS® reflection coatings predominantly are being utilised on our highest quality grade 2" BBHS® Sitall Stardiagonals (#2456115 – incl. black housing and 2" ClickLock clamp) as well as on the BBHS® T-2 Sitall Stardiagonal (#2456103) - where the housing features a male and female T-2 thread - for shortening the optical path with bino use, and to offer the utmost in adaptation variability as well as much more light throughput than with any conventional 1 1/4" star diagonal. BBHS® stands for Broad Band Hard Silver. When applied onto our Sitall (zero expansion glass-ceramics) substrates, these multiple deposited layers of hard silver are being sealed by a set of dielectric layers to achieve long term durability. With this advance in coating technology our BBHS® coating lifetime equals that of a high quality AlSiO2 coating, matching the durability of standard aluminium coated diagonals (and telescope mirrors) which have been in wide use for many years. The BBHS® spectral bandpass is much wider though, when comparing with our 50 layer all dielectric coatings utilized on the 2" ClickLock Star Diagonals. The all dielectric coating system on the 2" ClickLocks...



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