Baader 1.25" Solar Continuum Filter stacked with AstroSolar Photo Film ND 3.8 2458392

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Baader 1.25" Solar Continuum Filter stacked with AstroSolar Photo Film ND 3.8 2458392

  • 1¼" Double Stacked Baader Solar Continuum Filter. 8nm / CWL 540nm.
  • Includes 1x AstroSolar® Photo Film OD 3.8 20x29 cm. The filter includes two Baader Solar Continuum Filters in a single filter cell which have been stacked for even higher contrast.
  • Enhances the contrast and reduces the effect of atmospheric turbulence.
  • This filter must be used in conjunction with a Baader Herschel Wedge or Baader AstroSolar® Safety Film 5.0 (not included) for solar observations otherwise equipment damage may occur. The included Baader AstroSolar® Photo Film 3.8 must not be used for visual observation but only for solar photography (e.g. lucky imaging).

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Double Stacked Solar Continuum Filter - For Visual and Photographic Observations of the Sun
Ensures highest contrast in the photosphere of the sun. The filter works as a monochrometer - suppressing the effects of the atmospheric turbulence and results in images that are significantly sharper. Owners of SCTs and refractors will benefit as red and blue wavelengths are completely excluded, with the transmission area peaking at 535nm where telescope optics are sharpest and free from chromatic aberrations.

The Solar Continuum Filter may be used for purely VISUAL observation ONLY in conjunction with the Baader Herschel Prism or with the Baader AstroSolar® Safety Film 5.0. The supplied AstroSolar® Photo Film 3.8 is for photographic use only and MUST NOT be used for visual observations.

The combination of AstroSolar® Photo Film 3.8 and Solar Continuum filter is used exclusively for photography of the sun at high magnifications. This combination is highly apt to capture the finest solar surface detail and granulation at extremely high magnification while enabling ultra-short exposure (measured in milliseconds) in order to freeze atmospheric turbulence.


Weight (KG): 0.026
Transmission Range: 536 - 544 nm
Filter Thickness (Without Cell): 2 mm
HBW (Half Band Width): 8 nm
CWL (Central Wavelength): 540 nm
AR-Coating: dielectrically coated, planeoptically polished
Special Features: double stacked
Filter Size: 1.25 Inch
Filter Usage: Contrast Enhancement, Solar
Filter Mounted: Mounted (classic 8mm)
Type of Filter: Narrowband
Single or Set?: Single Filter
Filter Shape: round


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